Building / Construction / Feature Finished In Progress Planned
Bakery ‘Wombat Creek’ F photo
Bar ‘The Wombat Cave’ F photo
Barber F photo
Barristor ‘Lawson and Partners’ F photo
Bookshop F photo
Brewery ‘Wombat Creek Brewing Company’ F photo
Butcher ‘A.J. Roberts’ F photo
Chinese Restaurant ‘Golden Dragon’ F photo
Cinema F photo
Coffe shop ‘Bert. Edwards’ Tea Rooms’ F photo
Coles Stores F photo
Dentist ‘Molar’ F photo
Doctor ‘Paine’ F photo
Electrician ‘Gilbert Electrical’ F photo
Emporium ‘Raven’s’ F photo
Fish’n’Chips F photo
Florist ‘Flowers on the Corner’ F photo
Funeral Director ‘Bell Brothers – Best in the Ground’ F photo
Furniture Shop ‘ Simpson Lee & Co.’ F photo
Goldsmith ‘Goldstein’ F photo
Green grocer ‘Pears’ F photo
Haberdashery ‘Buttons’ F photo
Hairdresser ‘Chez Alberto – Curl Up and Dye’ F photo
Hardware ‘Allan W. Taylor & Co.’ F photo
Ladies Fashion ‘Manning & Co.’ F photo
Milk bar F photo
Newspaper ‘Wombat Creek Cronicle’ F photo
Old tram shed F photo
Petrol station ‘Golden Fleece’ F photo
Pharmacist ‘John McCoff’ F photo
Photographer ‘J.F. Hurley’ F photo
Post office F photo
Public toilet ‘Victoria Square’ F photo
Racecourse F photo
Radio TV Cycles ‘Hillman’ F photo
Shoe shop ‘C. Row Rauert’ F photo
Stock and Land Agent ‘Kookaburra’ F photo
Tailor ‘ Boyson’ F photo
Town hall F photo
Tram stop ‘Victoria Street’ F photo
War Memorial F photo
Watchmaker ‘McFarlane & Son’ F photo
Fibro House #1 IP photo
Fibro House #2 IP photo
Joinery ‘Ray Knott’ IP
Pub ‘Mug Punter Hotel’ IP photo
Tram depot IP photo
Tram stop ‘East Street’ IP
Woody’s Timber Yard IP photo
Bank P
Bottleshop P
Church P
Coal Depot P
Fire station P
Hotel P
Mechanics’ Institute P
Plumber ‘Leaky’ P
Police station P
Real Estate P
Rotunda P
School P
Statue ‘Race Horse’ P
Statue ‘Queen Victoria’ P
Water tower P
Finished (for the time being) 42
In progress 7
Planned 15
Total 64