Since August 2015 I have been drawing
several track plans for Wombat Creek Tramways. During the many months
the track plans have changed quite a bit. The name of the tramways
has also changed from “Toodoors Downs Tramways” (the tramways were originally designed to fit two internal doors left over from house
renovations) to Emu Creek Tramways and finally Wombat Creek Tramways
– wombats being my favourite Australian animal.

The final (?) layout below is not an
exact drawing of the layout but gives a good idea of the track plan.
By close examination it is clear, that the tramways consist of
several ring routes and one with a terminus in Victoria Street (the
inspiration is Elisabeth Street, Melbourne). The double crossing near
the Bank and Pub is modelled with the intersection near Flinders
Street Station, Melbourne in mind. The track plan for the Tram Depot
depends on the actual space inside the loop.