Saturday August 24 I went by train to my volunteer work at the Melbourne Tram Museum. At Caulfield Station I spotted a sign advertising the nearby Model Railway Exhibition. Fortunately the museum was not very busy so I decided to leave early and visit the exhibition. I was presented with some very fine layouts in both HO and N scale, but my interest was also caught by the different stalls selling model railway ‘goodies’.

A bag of ‘Clump-foliage’ became the first purchase. Nothing special, but something I need for my gum trees. The bargain was three 90 degree crossing for Atlas for just 60 % of the normal retail price. Pretty good, even I couldn’t find a fourth one. The crossing are needed for a future extension of Wombat Tramways. A stall had different LED streetlights for sale. Not something I had in mind for the time being but the price was okay. So I ended up buying a set of three for $10.

Back home I had to wait a week before finding time to install the lights. They came with resistors attached so I have hooked them up to a 9V battery. I am quite pleased with the result, so I will order some more online.

wct 190901-1
Victoria Street at night
wct 190901-4
The same scene during day time