Life in Wombat Creek is going on nice and quiet. Not of new-build for the time being. Only to more ‘major’ structures are planned – a water tower behind the old tram shed and probably Leaky’s plumbing will get a building on a vacant spot next to the Mug Punter Hotel.

wct 200225b
Ray Knott’s Joinery

Ray Knott’s Joinery is housed in a building which once was part of the Brewery. The building resembles the Brewery building. In fact the walls and windows are left-overs from the Heljan brewery kit. A wood storage (partly visible in the centre of the photo) is made from balsa wood and a small piece of corrugated iron (well, corrugated plastic). The wood on the top is small strips of balsa. The hardwood at the lower shelf is strips of bark from a gumtree.

The parking lot is a bit uneven because of tree roots (read ‘bad glueing’) and appears worse on the photos than in real life.

wct 200225a
Near the Tram Shed

The second photo shows more of the area near the tram shed. Concrete still needs to be poured between the rails, and the lamppost should be adjusted to a more vertical position. I will give the council workers a call!