The water tower next to the tram barn in Elwood was a prominent feature. It is somewhat unusual with a water tower at an electric tramway, but a fire in 1907 destroyed the barn and the entire fleet. Perhaps the water tower was later installed in case a new fire should break out. Anyway – Wombat Creek Tramways now have their own water tower. The first photo shows the tower under construction. The tower itself is made from wooden I-beams from ‘North-eastern Scale Lumber Co.’ The beams come in 11” lengths and are easily cut with a sharp knife. The base for the water tank is a square of balsa wood. The tank consists of two caps from juice containers. The black top is another left-over from the Heljan Brewery kit.

wct 200229
Water Tower under construction

After additional details like reinforcements at the joints, water pipes and a ladder the towers is painted ‘metal grey’ before the water tank is added. Like the water tower in Elwood the tank is clad in an advert for Peters Ice cream.

wct  200309-1
The waater tower in place behind the tram barn

The third photo shows the view from the front of the tram barn. Road numbers have been added to the barn and ‘speed restriction’ (5 mph) is in place at the entrance. More road signs will be put up in the near future.

wct  200309-2
The front of Wombat Creek Tram Barn