My third project during my stay-at-home holidays dealt – like the horse stables – with an odd shaped area. This time it is next to the ‘Mug Punter Hotel’. I often search the internet for images I can use as inspiration for future buildings. I came across a few photos of a South Australian blacksmith shop advertising horseshoeing. They gave me the idea to construct this small building. Due to the size of the spot the proportions of the building is much smaller the original, but the features are pretty much right.

wct  200407c
Leaky’s Plumbing Service

The corrugated iron cladding is vertical on the front and back, but horizontal on the sides. One of out-buildings to the side is with stonewalls re-enforced with steel beams. The very vigorous plant near the front is also found at the original building. I haven’t worked out how to write/paint ‘Blacksmith’ and ‘Horseshoeing’ on the corrugated front, so I may end up with a sign above the door. Another challenge is the interior. The building was design to have the front towards the street and you wouldn’t be able to see inside, but it works better being turned 90 degrees.

wct  200409c
Leaky’s Plumbing

The fence looks a bit worn down, but what else would you expect after the business was taken over by ‘Oscar Leaky’s Plumbing Service’! Oscar is so slack he hasn’t bothered to put up his business sign. To be true the signage is delayed because of COVID-19. I get my signs etc. printed at Officeworks on high-quality paper, but I don’t think a trip to Officeworks will qualify as ‘essential travel’.