The paved area behind the brewery, the shops and Ray Knott’s joinery has been somewhat ‘boring’, so something had to been done to make it more attractive. A while ago a small building – formerly the stables for the brewery’s draught horses – got erected and some fencing applied, but the area still needed more to be attractive. So I decided to plant a tree – a rather big gum tree.

I started off with florist’s wire to form the trunk and branches.

wct 200412
Gum tree stage one

The wire was then covered with no-more-gaps filler. It takes a while to try but remains flexible for some time, which gives you the opportunity to keep adjusting the shape of the tree.

wct 200415
Gum tree stage two

Once dry the whole tree was painted light grey with a few darker strokes. Brownish paint simulates rough bark at the base of the tree as found on some gum trees.Finally the canopy was added using Woodland Scenics light green foliage.

wct 200417
Gum tree stage three and four

Before planting a small area of cobblestone was ‘dug’ up and replaced with some grass made from ‘teddy bear fur’ sprayed with a light green paint.

wct 200419
Gum tree behind the brewery