Stage 1 of Wombat Creek Tramways is almost finished. Well, it will probably/hopefully never be finished. Still some ‘concreting’ to do between the rails and a couple of points to wire. But otherwise, all major features are done. So it is time to think ahead.

Unfortunately I am running out of room. ‘The Tram Room’ should have enough space for stage 2, but at the moment the room also serves as a office. My wife and I are both working from home due to COVID-19.

But I have done some forward thinking. I do have a plan for Wombat Creek Tramways, so I had a pretty good idea of the next step, which will have to fit onto a 900 x 900 mm square. On Ebay I got a very good deal: two Peco points fitted with motors for $25. Unfortunately they are a quite long version, so could they fit in?

wct 200413
Wombat Creek Tramways stage 2

Some cardboard was cut to the right size and I could measure it all up. The points didn’t fit in the expected spot, so the plans had to be redrawn. The result is a far better line-up! The points will sit at a major tram stop, which gives the opportunity to go in to directions. It will also save me two point a a crossing on stage 3. The 90 degree crossings (four of them) will connect to the existing track at the front of the lay-out. The points near the church will lead to a track at the back of stage 1 (behind the town hall). The last three points are spares for stage 3. The two quarter circles are for drawing curves.

So what now? Wait for the virus to disappear or try to get started on stage 2 already. It can be done without being put in place. Just a matter of lining up the tracks. I prefer the last option.