An unexpected day off from work gave me the time to do the signs for the shopfronts in Church Street. By temporary removing St. Ursinus Church it is possible to do a photo of the entire row of shops.

wct 200804
Church Street, Wombat Creek

From left to right you find:
An antiques store – it is in real shopfront somewhere in Melbourne
LJ Hooker Real Estate – perhaps not the only ‘hooker’ in the street!
TAB betting – Church Street is probably not as innocent as you may think
Church Street Spirits – well, it is after all Church Street
Town and Country Vet – an existing veterinarian clinic somewhere in Australia
Burke and Wills Surveyors – an unfortunate name for such a business (if you are not familiar with Australian history, they got lost whilst exploring the Outback)
Pet Shop – making sure the vet will stay in business
The Black Cat – perhaps another name could be ‘Gentlemen Club’. Definitely not related to the Pet Shop!
‘Shop to Let’ – honestly ran out of shop names. Anyway it appears pretty run down
The Toy Shop – you should be able to buy to model trains and trams somewhere
The Rug Shop – again a real shopfront from Melbourne
Sputnik – selling clothes for the young adults. The year is 1963 and the owner got inspired by the latest Space craze

I am still working on Queen Victoria Market located adjacent to the shops and of course the long-time project with the Wombat Creek Bank and Gold Exchange.