Have you ever tried to work with ‘spherical geometry’? Well, if you have to construct a dome you certainly have. Triangles have curved sides and the sum of the interior angles exceeds 180 degrees. It is even possible to construct spherical triangle with two right angles! Great fun and difficult to get right.

wct 200928-1
Wombat Creek Bank: The large dome

The bank is now ‘crowned’ by one large and two small domes. The photo illustrates how the larger dome is supported by 8 curved ‘beams’. The drawing for the beams was done in OpenOffice Draw. Since the curves originates at the corners of the octagon they do not follow a circle but are slightly ‘elongated’. This will create semicircles at the middle of opposing walls.

wct 200928-2
Wombat Creek Bank: The large dome

PVA glue, clothes pins and a lot of patience helped getting 8 segments in place. They don’t not match up as well as I wanted, but the domes will be covered with copper panels from Scalescenes.

wct 201001
Wombat Creek Bank and Gold Exchange

Just waiting for Covid-19 restrictions to be lifted and the printing can be done. Until then the work on the Bank has come to a halt.