wct 201224
Myer department store

I had hoped Myer (department store) would be ready for Boxing Day sales. Despite three days of intensive construction work on the site the extension of the original store front still lacked roofing and other features. Hopefully the store will be ready for a ‘grand’ opening in January 2021.

After a few more frantic days of work the roof is finished and signs and railings are up. A taxi rank in front of the store is ready for use – unfortunately the town’s only taxi is on route to Gum Nut Valley.

wct 210103a
Myer is open for business

As can be seen on the photo entering the department store will be a bit of a challenge due to the lack of a footpath near the revolving door, but I am sure that will not deter the customers getting to the good bargains.

wct 210103b
Myer, Wombat Creek

Deliveries to the department store are through the doors at the back. At the moment the sit high above the ground but that will be rectified at a later stage with an elevated back-road.