I have commenced the construction of a new home for Chloe. I have abandoned the name ‘Young and Jackson’ for the hotel, so for the time being the hotel is unnamed. As of the 12th of April the building has come so far:

wct 210412
A new hotel in Wombat Creek

The building material is cardboard with a few sticks on balsa wood. All 70 windows and doors are cut by hand. The green parts are green because I used green cardboard. Nothing to do with the final colour.

The original building and the inspiration for the build looks like this on a rainy Saturday morning in April 2021:

wct 210410
Young & Jackson, April 2021

Since Wombat Creek is set in 1963 I have to go back in time to find the right colour for the walls, A search on the internet gave me some photos but unfortunately in black and white. Instead I turned to Warren Doubleday from Melbourne Tram Museum. He dug into the archives and in no time came up with the following photo:

wct 210413
Young & Jackson, 1963
(photo: Peter Moses, 1963. Archive: Melbourne Tram Museum)

The walls are brown! Perhaps not the most inspiring colour. The window frames appear to be white. I intend to print the windows on transparent foil and in a printer ‘white’ equals ‘no colour’. Therefore I will need to change the colour. A few years later the window frames were brown as the walls, which is just too boring. I think I will go with a light grey.