The work on the hotel has been partly put on hold due to time spent on the awning along the Myer department store.

Since the last ‘hotel entry’ most of the windows are now in place. Doors are still missing. Some of them have do be redrawn and printed.

wct 210528
Duncan and Fraser

The windows are rather big and give you a good look inside the building. The interior of the front bar will need to be modelled. So far the walls have been covered in wall paper and the back of the bar is in place. An internal staircase (not visible in the photo) is ready to be installed but will have to wait until a doorway is in place. Working on the interior is quite ‘fiddly’ due to the limited width of the building.

The proprietor and the sign painter have moved into Victoria Street, They are still arguing over signs. This time wording of the sign is too long for the facade. Unfortunately the proprietor can’t sack the sign painter. He is the only one in town!