Melbourne City Council erected more the 40 public toilets between 1903 and 1918, most with 2 stalls. Eight of these remain, all still being used for their original purpose. The structures employed a prefabricated system which enabled the urinals to be assembled on site or dismantled and relocated if required. This occurred often, as their prominent locations in the streets sometimes offended contemporary standards of public decency. This could be the reason most of the toilets have the entrances quite near the curb.

Public toilet, Victoria Square

Wombat Creek has received a couple of surplus toilets from Melbourne. A 4 stall unit has been erected three years ago in front of the town hall. Another smaller 2 stall toilet has a temporary spot in front of the Bank. It partly covers a smother of the newly laid pavers. In the attempt to close the gap between pavers they got too wet and partly disintegrated. To pull them all up again and do the whole odd shaped footpath was not an attractive solution.

wct 210811
Along the Golden Mile

The toilet is of course very convenient for male tram passengers in need, but also very inconvenient if the doors of a stopping trams happen to be just in front of the building. In the future I will probably relocate the little building and perhaps replace it by a small kiosk selling newspapers and magazines.