Well, not quite. More like ‘blue skies behind Wombat Creek’. To be able to work on the buildings near the edge of the layout I needed the background to be installed. The sky scene and the backing were purchased years ago, so it was a matter of putting it all together. It looks okay, but…

wct 210816
Wombat Creek from the sky

There is an unexpected colour difference between two of the sheets and the cloud cover doesn’t quite match up. It can partly be rectified with the upcoming buildings. The backing is curved around the corner, which I thought could cause a problem. It did! The background sky is printed on self-adhesive paper and was stuck to the flat panel. Bending the panel unfortunately caused some ripples. I had hoped the rather strong bonding between the panel and sheets would have been enough to prevent this problem. Unfortunately not, but I will live with the ripples for the time being (which will probably be forever!).