The general pace in Wombat Creek is slow. Very slow. The photo below is from August 9, 2020.

wct 200809
Queen Victoria Market, August 2020

It has taken a year to get to the next photo.

wct 210823
Queen Victoria Market, August 2021

In fact nothing had happened to Queen Victoria Market until a week ago. The mean reason was the lack of a back scene. The back scene had to come up before the depth of the market and curvature of the roof could be calculated. As seen from the photos the height of the building has been extended. The main entrance was too low. Still more to do. The skylight (hardly visible) needs glazing and a photo will give an impression of the interior visible through the main entrance.

Another challenge to the right of the market is to rectify the obvious/common mistake of a road leading directly into the sky! A row of shops should do the trick and also improve the perspective.