wct 211019
A Chinese roof

This build is a bit different. I have made a roof without having something to put under it! And the shape – it is quite unusual for Wombat Creek.

As the composite photo shows, I started with a rectangular base. I used OpenOffice Draw to make a template for the supports. The four corner ones are ‘elongated’ versions of the regular side supports.

Next step was adding strips of 350 gr paper to the supports. By adding the paper as strips overlapping each other I get a ‘stepped’ look of the final roof (like roof tiles slightly overlapping each other).

The tiles are corrugated plastic strips. I did look into buying ready made roof tiles ‘Spanish style’ but I fund the price including postage too high. Instead I used some left-over sheets. The capping tiles along the ridges are tiny pieces of 50 gr paper.

Finally I painted the roof with ‘burnt umber’ with a small amount of red to give the tiles the appearance of yellow terracotta tiles.

Time consuming but fun to make the this Chinese inspired roof. Of course I have an idea of what will be under the roof, but it has to wait until shops are open again. I need some additional supplies.