Recently I have spend some time modelling around the back corner of the layout. As seen on the photo it is a fair distance from the normal viewing point.

wct 211106a
Queen Victoria Market

A closer look as seen by the phone’s camera (apologise for the somewhat blurry photos), reveals a couple of customers at the market blocking the view of the interior. The interior is just a photo of the main ‘arcade’ of the real market in Melbourne. To the right of the market a small alley branches off the main street. Unfortunate the shop front of ‘Rogers Diamond Emporium’ can’t been seen, but the arrow with the diamonds points potential customers to the shop. The sign on the wall of McPhee’s Fine Antiques’ advertises an Aussie stable, ‘Vegemite’. Greatly overrated in my opinion! The ‘One Way’ sign is a result an investigation into 1960s road signs.

wct 211106b
Around the Market

The alley is very narrow but the forced perspective works quite well. The front of the Emporium drops 2mm towards the back and the hight of the rear shops is approx. 20 mm less than the Antiques shop.

wct 211106c
Around the Market

The last photo is a close-up of McPhee’s Fine Antiques and LJ Hooker Real Estate. The awnings do stick out but the rest of the buildings are complete flat!

wct 211106d
McPhee’s Fine Antiques