In a previous post I included this photo

wct 211019
The future gate to China Town

The roof has now got some support and looks like this

wct 211121
China Town

The photo is obvious not ‘in-situ’, but shows how far the gate and background buildings have evolved. The ‘cobblestones’ warps a bit hence the gap under the buildings. Once in place the cobblestones will be glued down and everything should look all good – I hope.

The shops still need some signage, but the sign above the gate says it all. If you live in Adelaide, you may recognise the gate and be able to translate the sign.

wct 211122
China Town

The corner of the awning has been fixed and the signs are in place. In fact, the gate and shops are in their proper place in Wombat Creek. Being Wombat Creek the Chinese lions have got a twist!