A while ago Wombat Creek Tramways acquired a double-decker tram from Hobart (read: from the internet). The aim is to put it into service after re-gauging and repainting. Later two tramsand a trailer arrived from the same source. They seem to be of Austrian origin. The manufacturer is unknown and the work quality is rather dubious, but the motors are fine. One of them has a wheelbase which is only 1 or 2 mm to long for the double-decker, so it is doomed as spare parts. Anyway it fell apart trying to get the chassis out! Next step is to cut away the lower floor of the double-decker. The work is still in progress. The result so far is shown of the photo. The floor is still intact but the two ends have come off!

wct 211230
From the workshop

The top floor will need a make-over, too. The Hobart trams were totally open except for a roof. So the side windows and the doors at both ends have to go. The model came without seats, so they have to be manufactured in the workshop. And no, the passengers didn’t loose their legs in an explosion. They were already gone at their arrival.