The double-decker trams in Hobart did occasionally display an unfortunate habit – overturning rounding sharp curves. The tramways solved the problem by converting the trams into single-decker trams.

wct 220110

Wombat Creek Tramways will keep no. 17 as a double-decker. The test-runs have showed a tendency of the tram swinging from side to side, so I have decided to add some extra weight. A visit to a store selling fishing gear paid off. Two 20 grams lead sinkers have stabilised the tram. The shop assistant asked, where I would go fishing. To his surprise I replied: ‘I never go fishing!’

wct 220107
WCT no. 17 in Victoria Street

The livery is very close to Hobart no. 17. As seen from the photo the tram sports very fine lines and a tramway logo on the sides. This was done in ‘Photoshop’ and later printer out on ‘Transparent Clear Label For Ink-jet Printer Only’. Before applying the prints to the tram, they were sprayed three times with matt finishing sealer.