At noon today Wombat Creek was it usual self. A few people out and about in the 30+ degrees heat.

wct 220127a

At 3 pm the temperature was the same, but Wombat Creek looked like this.

wct 220127b

What happened? A tsunami? No, the town is too far way from the coast. A cyclone? No, the town is too far south. An earthquake? Could be – they do happen in Victoria. Fortunately most of the brewery is still standing!

Well, the truth is, Wombat Creek is on the move. One key feature of the layout is it can be dismantled, moved and hopefully easily assembled again. I didn’t expect to take advantage of the feature already, but our landlord wants to sell our current rental and we have to move out. Fortunately we have already rented a new place with more space for Wombat Creek. So for a couple of weeks you will not get news from ‘the Creek’, but things should be back on track late February.