wct 220318
Wombat Creek Extended

With Wombat Creek Tramways in a new room it has been possible to extend the layout to its final size. The extension measures 120 x 90 cm with a further 30 cm hidden under ‘Main Street’ to the right. For the time being the extension will served as a workbench., but in the future the double track to the right will loop around and connect to the track(s) in front of the ‘Regal’. Three points and a crossing near the front will give access to a line towards the ‘Explosives Factory’ at the far left corner. The ‘Big Nugget Goldmine’ will sit at the front left corner. A narrow gauge railway will connect the mine to the factory, a sawmill and the ‘Small Nugget Goldmine’ (situated somewhere under the town itself!). The railway will have its sidings and maintenance facilities near the front. The bottle a whiskey is just to ‘stress test’ the extension. To be sure the weight wasn’t too much I took out a glass or two!