wct 220320
The lay-out of the extension

The extension to Wombat Creek will serve as a workbench for a while, but it is difficult not to plan for the future tracks for both the trams and the narrow gauge tramway.

The standard gauge points (with one on order) and the crossing indicates, how the connection down to the explosives factory at the far left will be made. The crossing and the right-hand points will also connect to the tracks at the far right.

The six narrow gauge points and the two cardboard cut-outs show the general flow of the little railway serving the goldmine at the front left, the explosives factory and the the sawmill in the middle. The points are a bit ‘big’ for such a small enterprise, but I paid just $51 for six new electro-frog points from Ebay. The old Heljan factory will have two doors cut into the front and serve as a repair shop / shed for the railway.