wct 220404
Still getting the extension right

The last few weeks have seen little progress on the extension of Wombat Creek Tramways. The last points has arrived and the turnout towards the ‘Explosives Factory Line’ has been put together. And from here work has stalled!

The original idea was to have the gold mine in the middle, but a line-up of the points for the narrow gauge railway showed a better position in the lower left hand corner and the sawmill in the middle. However I was concerned for the delicate works of the poppet head so near the edge. Fortunately (well, sort of fortunately) there is not sufficient room for the sawmill in the middle, so it is back to the original layout again, but…

I will need to put part of the narrow gauge track down before I do the ‘upper level’ tracks for the trams. I had hope I could wait, but it will be too complicated to do track work under the bridges with the tram tracks. So works have stalled until I get hold of some lengths of narrow gauge track.