I have decided to have a separate category for the writings regarding the narrow gauge railway connecting the goldmines, the explosives factory and the sawmill.

Wombat Creek still has two working goldmines. The Big Nugget Mine is near the centre of town. The Little Nugget Mine is situated somewhere to the east of town. The Little Nugget Mine only consists of the tunnels, where the gold ore is found. To get the ore processed it has to be moved to the Big Nugget Mine.

This is done by a narrow gauge railway. In mining terms the railway would probably be called a ‘tramway’, but to avoid confusion the term ‘tramway’ will only be used for the cars running at street level. The railway between the two mines utilises two former mining tunnels under the town. It just loops around the Little Nugget Mine but near the Big Nugget Mine and the nearby sawmill and explosives factory the railway has a more extensive layout with passing loop and sidings. The shed and workshop are also situated in this area.

The rolling stock, so far, consists of two steam locomotives and a rake of tipper wagons. This will be supplemented with a carriage for workers and various 4- and 8- wheeled wagons. The workers can transfer between the railway and the tramways at the sawmill.

So far the track work is still on the drawing board, but a track plan will be uploaded shortly.