I have tried an alternative to resin for the Wombat Creek. Instead of resin I have used clear PVC sold as ‘table cover’ at the local hardware store (They get enough advertising, so I will not name the store!). The PVC comes in different thickness. I went for 0.75 mm with the idea of a double layer for additional ‘depth’. It is very easy to cut into any shape. I did two cuts along the template for the creek allowing an extra 5 mm of both sides.

wct 220614

Putting the two layers on top of each other makes them ‘cling’ together but only partially. The result looked like the creek had an oil slick or partly frozen over. So I had to go with one layer, but I think it will be fine in the end. The banks and adjoining land will be made from foam-board. Like the PVC easy to cut into desired shape and no mess!

wct 220619