The bluestone retaining wall along the creek has been erected. Only the capping stones at the top are missing. The photo shows the purpose of a relative long wall. It sits along and hides the control panels.

Next step would be the second wall/pier supporting the bridge, but..

To get easy access to the dirt road along the creek, it better wait, but…

The dirt road will cross the railway on the other side, but…

The tracks will have to be put down before the road, but…

The tracks will cross the creek, so a small bridge has do be built first!

Complicated? Not really if you get the order right.

The above text is from a previous post. The bridge has been adapted from a drawing of Victorian Railways’ ‘Superstructure for Plated “I” Beam Bridge’. Not a huge project.

wct 220818
Railway Bridge no. 2 across Wombat Creek