The bluestone retaining wall along the creek has been erected. Only the capping stones at the top are missing. The photo shows the purpose of a relative long wall. It sits along and hides the control panels.

Next step would be the second wall/pier supporting the bridge, but..

To get easy access to the dirt road along the creek, it better wait, but…

The dirt road will cross the railway on the other side, but…

The tracks will have to be put down before the road, but…

The tracks will cross the creek, so a small bridge has do be built first!

Complicated? Not really if you get the order right.

Making progress! Some tracks have been put down in the Big Nugget Mine. The original track plan has just a loop without a siding. This will give the locomotive a lot of waiting time whilst wagons are emptied or, as an alternative, a lot of light engines going to and from the mine. To avoid this the chief engineer has decided to purchase more points. This is the reason for not completing the loop at the moment, but with the ‘outer’ track already in place, work on the dirt road can progress.

wct 220829

How the locomotive got onto the track is a mystery with no rail connection past the points!