Construction of the turntable got under way today. I planned to take a few photos of the process, but I got carried away with the work itself, so I have only a few photos to show. The project is progressing as expected but not as fast as I had hoped for.

wct 220919

The first image is of the container lid,, which will form the pit for the turntable. The ‘bridge’ is cut from the bottom of the container. A slim 50 mm bolt has been put through the centre of the ‘bridge’.

The second image shows the pit in place.

Quite a few stages were done before the third image. A section of standard gauge track was cut into two and forms the guide rail at the bottom of the pit. Probably slightly over-size, but I expected it would be too difficult to keep a smaller rail in place. Two length of narrow gauge rails have been super glued to the ‘bridge’. Wires have been soldered to the rails on the bridge and in the pit. The ‘pit rails’ will be powered. The ‘bridge wires’ will somehow glide on top of lower rails and thereby supply power to the ‘bridge’. A slim sheet of plastic has been slit in place along the wall of the pit to conceal the threads of the lid. The third image shows the turntable and the tracks leading towards it installed. Also the track into the shed is in place.

The final image is similar to the third, but with the shed in place.

Tomorrow’s work will include laying the remaining track and power the tracks and the turntable. Finally the turntable has to be detailed .