When life serves you lemons, you make lemonade. When life serves you polypropylene plastic, you … don’t make a turntable!

wct 220921

Nothing seems to stick to this sort of plastic (except the label), so I had to start from scratch with the turntable. His time I used styrene plastic and the outcome is far better. The turntable still has to be painted and railings fitted along the top.

wct 220922a

The turntable is turned with a worm drive. The axle is a knitting pin kindly donated by my wife. The turntable can be turn fully 360 degrees, but this will rarely happens. Because of a steep (and invisible) incline near the Little Nugget Mine all locomotives will run chimney first towards the mines to avoid the top of the firebox being exposed.

wct 220922b

The tracks are down and powered. Unfortunately my first attempt got a couple of wires mixed up. As a result a steam locomotive ended up in the creek twice! All is now sorted. The locomotive shed houses the two large steam engines. The smaller one will require a second shed at the track to the left of the bigger shed. This track will also be used for a coal stand and a water tank.