The turntable is now ready for use – I thought!

To paint the sides of the well and add sand to the bottom I had to take the drive and the bridge apart. The green railings at the bridge look a bit ‘flimsy’ with the handles just stuck to the top. Have a look at this video from the West Coast Wilderness Railway and the turntable in Dubbil Barril and you will see, I am not far off!

Assemble it all again should have been easy, but it wasn’t to be. The cogwheel in the drive just slid around the axle without turning the bridge. The friction between the pick-ups and the curved rail was too much. Since I probably wouldn’t need to turn a locomotive, I hard wired the bridge. It sort of solved the problem, but now the tracks don’t line up! Everything has to be taken apart again.

wct 221014a
wct 221014b