A day in Melbourne saw me riding trains and trams all over the city. First a visit to a model railway shop purchasing joiners and an ice cream van. The joiners are needed to finish off both the narrow gauge line and the tramways. The van will be a centre part of a small cameo on the embankment.

An electronics shop provided me with a ‘countdown timer’, which (in theory) should extend the journey along the mining line with up to four minutes.

wct 221231b

The research involved a trip to Clifton Hill. As seen in the photo a group of youngsters with fancy cars have set their eyes on the corner block between the Fire Station and the Bank. A perfect spot for a jazz club called ‘the Bellcord’. As the ‘chief architect’ I have come up with a design like this:

wct 221229a

The former United Kingdom Hotel in Clifton Hill (nowadays a very unusual McDonald’s). The time frame for the build will be sometime this year. Well, it will always be this year since time in Wombat Creek has been frozen into 1963.

wct 221229b

The research continued to this lovely tram shelter not far from Camberwell station. A perfect fit for the stop at the embankment. The build shouldn’t take too long.