Before I began construction of the Bellcord I searched the internet for an image of an interesting building, which would fit the corner opposite the bank and Fraser & Duncan. I came across a few photos of the former United Kingdom Hotel in Clifton Hill.

Next step was a visit to the hotel (now a McDonald’s) to photograph details of the exterior. I was especially interested in smaller details e.g. the yellow and brown bands on the lower walls and the tiles on the front entrance. They could be processed in Photoshop and printed out for the actual model. The trusted Street View from Google will help with other details (I know this from the build of the Bank).

So I felt well prepared and ready to go. Only the front will be more or less a copy of the place. The rest of the building has to be amended to fit the space on the layout. As the construction moves ahead I realise (again), it is impossible to find all the details until you get to them! The brick walls have their own set of tiles at the top; only the top part of the balcony sits on top off the lower part of the building etc. Some details can be incorporated at a later time. For some it is too late.

Anyway, the brick work is done. I am now waiting for the windows to be done by the joiner (me) and the glazier (also me).

wct 220314