A fellow modeller sent me a challenge: Why don’t I model the Rivoli Cinema?

One Saturday morning I went to have a look before going to the Melbourne Tram Museum housed in the former Hawthorne Tram Depot. Mentioning the Rivoli Cinema being in Hawthorne East I thought it was worth travelling a few more tram stops and have a look. I like the building and the challenging lines and curves.

wct 230826

The build will take some time and effort, so I want to put it somewhere in Wombat Creek with the facade to be admired. At the moment such a space is not vacant, but the ‘Regal’ could be moved from its prominent position at the end of Main Street.

wct 210924

Therefore the Regal Theatre has been relocated from the end of the Main Street to a position opposite the Bank. The theatre is a Metcalfe low-relief kit and has been extended with new walls at the back. There is a slightly colour difference in the bricks. I hope it will not be too obvious with a downpipe running along the joint in the wall. The roof is a bit of a challenge. The original roof has two different pitches (the front is steeper than the sides). At the moment the plan for the roof is partly tiles and partly zinc cladding. I will keep you updated.

wct 230913