A proper country town in Victoria will have a ‘Mechanics Institute’ and Wombat Creek is no difference.

wct 231021a

A 2021 visit to Lancefield provided me with the front of a very low-relief Institute (it is less 10 mm thick). Unfortunately it didn’t look quite right next to the RSL building. Too massive and dominating, but it had to do until something better turned up.

wct 231021c

I recently visited Creswick and came across the Victoria Institute. Quite difficult to photograph with the sun right behind the building but worth a try.

wct 231021b

Back home the image went through Photoshop. With the colours brightened and the windows cleared a mock-up replaced the old Institute.

wct 231021d

Not quite right. It is more a free-standing building than in a row of houses. I liked the windows, though.

wct 231021e

Back to the old Mechanics Institute. This time with the windows cut out and glazed, which has ‘lighted’ the building. I am in fact quite satisfied with the outcome. Only issue is the missing ‘urns’ at the top of the wall. Not sure how I replicate them.