wct 240401

The new shed is almost finished. Only the ‘concrete’ floor is missing. The little shed is big enough for the locomotive parked just outside, but the main ‘tenant’ will be the small shunter.

The design of the shed is inspired by the narrow gauge shed in Colac, Victoria. The Victorian Railways opened a narrow gauge railway between Colac and Beech Forest in 1902 (later extended to Crowes in 1911). The railway was closed in stages between 1954 and 1962. I like the unusual curved roof and decided it was worth a model. Finding appropriate drawings and photos was difficult with the shed long gone. All I had was photos like this from https://www.westonlangford.com/ .

104520: Colac Narrow Gauge Yard

The model is far from exact but probably close enough to be recognised by people who have seen the real thing.