After a few days with the focus on the narrow gauge railway it is time to relax and enjoy the progress.

wct 240411a

A watermill used to pump water into the water tank but it looks like, it has seen better days. It is built from scratch, A bit fiddly but it came out all right. Of course it is an example of the ‘Southern Cross’ windmill.

wct 240411b

The water tank is now filled by a diesel pump housed in the little shed. The water comes straight from the creek through the cast iron pipe. The shed worker is having a little time off trying his luck with his fishing rod. The pole with its little cabinet is clearly inspired from the photo in a previous post.

wct 240411c

The fourth photo shows the new pavers along the big shed. The steps from the platform are still in the making. The oil drums on the NQR wagon are branded ‘Golden Fleece’. The colours are right but not sure, if the oil company ever had drums this size.

wct 240411d