wct 240601a

The signal box is operational. Only signage is missing. To the left is the ladies’ toilets. Mr. James is on his way to relieve himself in the gentlemen’s’ toilet to the left. The position of this toilet made the job upstairs quite unbearable. The stench of urine in the real world signal box was quite strong despite the ‘stink pipe’ going through the signal box. Daisy and Matilda are gossiping on the bench in front of the building.

wct 240601b

The access to the signal box is via the steps on the side of the building. ‘Health and Safety’ wasn’t around in the early 1900. I have included a mid 1930’s photo from the website Trams Down Under (www.tdu.to).

Apart from the stench the inspectors’ job must have been very warm on hot summer days. Awnings were not put on the building until later. The door under the signal box leads into a room for all the ‘mechanics’.