wct 240703a

A new building has been erected in Wombat Creek. Once gain it is a modified Scalescenes kit. The original kit is a low relief building. I have changed it into a ‘full’ building by adding walls along the sides and at the back. Extra windows at the front (and back) has turned the building into a block of offices except for the ground floor. The entrance is in the middle surrounded by a high end men’s clothes store and a fancy shoe shop. At the moment the shops are still under construction. I haven’t decided if they will be topped by a broad awning or not. The front of the building is not visible from a normal view point, so it will not be very detailed. The ‘ghost’ signs are ‘borrowed’ from the internet and adds some interest to otherwise blank brick walls.

wct 240703b
wct 240703c

The name ‘Daylesford’ is a nod to a well-known spa town in rural Victoria. The town started as a gold mining town named ‘Wombat’! Later the name was changed to Daylesford. You will not find a creek in town but Wombat Hill still looms at the outskirts.