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Wombat Creek Tramways

Wombat Creek is a H0 (1:87) scale model of a fictional town situated somewhere in the Victorian Goldfields, Australia.

The time is 1963. Geelong wins the VFL Championship against Hawthorn (109– 60). John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas. ValentinaTeresjkova is the first woman in Space. The men behind The Great Train Robbery get £2.6 million from a Royal Mail train heading from Glasgow to London.

The town consists of several buildings. The “Wombat Creek Bank and Gold Exchange” is a prominent building in the town centre. You will also find several other commercial buildings; among them the daily newspaper“W.C. Chronicle”(colloquial known as the "Toilet Paper") and “Wombat Creek Brewing Company” (Famous for the “Wombat Bitter”). “The Big Nugget Gold Mine” is situated at the Western outskirts of town near the small Chinatown. The War Memorial is in a small park along East Street.

The town’s mayor Alfred Campbell together with his son David Campbell owns several businesses, including the bank, the pub and the newspaper. AC/DC basically run the town and make most decisions on behalf of the rest of Wombat Creek’s residents, who, on the other hand, are too busy with their own businesses.

The mayor’s latest initiative is Wombat Creek Tramways. Wombat Creek doesn’t really need a tram system, but AC reckons tramways will improve the town’s reputation. Partly because of limited funds the tramways' construction and rolling stock depend heavily on second-hand requirements from other Australian and overseas tramways.

More gardening

Text & photos from the layout Posted on Thu, August 15, 2019 18:56:39

Work around the Fibro houses has continued. A wooden fence has been erected on top of the bluestone wall along the tram barn area. The garden around the green house has been laid out. As seen on the photo the owners of the green house are better gardeners than the neighbours. The lawn is nicely cut and lined by blue-stones. The garden beds are ready for planting. The concrete slab for the garden shed has also been poured. The tree in the corner is a wattle – probably needs a few more flowers to give it the right yellow colour.

wct 190814-1

At the back of the tram barn Ray Knott, the local joiner, has loaded his Volkswagen full of left over wood from the construction of the barn. A water tower (yes – the real barn in Elwood had a very distinctive water tower) and a shed for tools are next on the ‘to-do-list’.

The tank wagon is a more than 40 years old Jouef track cleaning model. And no – it doesn’t advertise the well-known beer VB – Victorian Bitter. In Wombat Creek the only beer to drink is WB – Wombat Bitter!

wct 190814-2

Time for mowing?

Text & photos from the layout Posted on Thu, August 15, 2019 18:53:19

Lately I have been tinkering around the two fibro houses. The ‘garden’ at the blue houses is mainly made up of grass – very long grass. The residents are not gardeners!
The grass is made with ‘teddy bear’ material from ‘Spotlight’, hairspray and a small and cheap spray bottle with diluted green acrylic paint. The result is not too bad – only a few clumps of grass. I still need to add a couple of gum trees, a garden shed, a Hill’s hoist and a few more ‘surprises’.

wct 190721

It is a bit hard to photograph the street side of the fibro houses, but with a mobile phone on ‘selfie setting’ it looks like this:

wct 190806

A rusty barn and a new tram

Text & photos from the layout Posted on Thu, August 15, 2019 18:48:54

Since my last photo I have done a bit of weathering and ‘rust’ on the barn. The rolling stock is mainly made up of three Bachmann Brill trolleys. They have been bought on Ebay for a reasonable price. They aren’t really of Aussie design but not too far from the Adelaide H Class. But as you can see a new tram has arrived – a Melbourne W6 class. It is from Cooee and un-powered. I plan to scrap one of the Brills to motorise the W6. It doesn’t sound too difficult but apparantly it is not straight forward to dismantle the W6. I’ll keep you informed.

wct 190802