During summer holidays quite a bit of work was done on the lay-out of Wombat Creek. Most of the ‘projects’ still needs the finishing touch, but the photo shows one being almost finished.

wct 200205
Gum trees in Wombat Creek

The garden around the blue fibro house deliberately looks somewhat un-kept because the family has other interests. The newest addition to the garden are the two tall gum-trees. They are made from florist wire, ‘no-more-gaps’ filler, some paint and Woodland Scenic material. They came up all-right ever the canopy is a bit wide. The cubby house is made from gum-tree bark and a piece of corrugated iron (plastic). The bark has the right texture and colour, so no weathering was needed. The rope ladder hanging from the cubby house is a very thin slice of corflute panel. A dive into my wife’s sewing supplies gave me the materials for the hammock. To finish the scene I only need to find a person for the hammock and a child to climb up the ladder.