I spotted a nice photo of Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, on the internet. After a make-over in Photoshop it came out like this:

wct 200807
Queen Victoria Market, Wombat Creek

It will be positioned towards the very back of the layout, so was it really necessary to improve the front. The shadows give it depth already. Anyway I made a few extra copies, cut out the columns, glued them to 1.5 mm cardboard and finally glue them in place on the front. Spot the difference.

wct 200809
Queen Victoria Markey, Wombat Creek

I think it was worth the effort.

The sidewalls will be extended and a proper roof added. It has to wait until the hard lock-down in Melbourne is over and I can purchase a board for the the background. The market is in front of a curved ‘corner’ making the back part of the roof some of a challenge to get right.