We are still on strict lock-down in Melbourne with a nightly curfew and only allowed 1 hour of daily exercises less than 5 km from home. That makes life a little bit difficult, but thanks to the Internet I have be able to keep modelling the Bank.

It is no secret it is modelled after the grand facade of Flinders Street Station. I have been able to google a floor-plan, which has given me the length of the main entrance. In addition to this I have a drawing which is no to scale, but still a great help getting the dimensions right. The main source of information though, is Google Street View! In short – the model so far has been done without a recent visit to the station.

Since my last post the facade has undergone some progress. The walls are almost finished. The dentils (small squares at the top) are numerous, cut and glued in individually.

The stain-glass window is taken from an almost front-on photo. To get the size and shape right I scanned the cardboard cut from the opening and with Photoshop adjusted the photo to fit the scan. Two copies (one reversed) were printed on a transparent self-adhesive label, cut out and stuck on each side of a lid from a take-away container. Perfect fit first time! I will use the same method with the flooring. Scan the odd shape of the floor and get the tiles to fit.

wct 200906
Wombat Creek Bank and Gold Exchange under construction

Next my attention will go to the back of the building. Even it can’t been seen from a ‘normal’ viewing point, it must be done up nicely.