wct 201209-1
Main entrance to the Bank

Lately I have been working on the interior of the Bank. I have decided only to do the entrance hall and the central banking room. The remaining rooms will not be visible once the building is in place.
Well, the same could be said about the central banking room, as seen on the first photo.

wct 201209-2
Main entrance

If the roof is removed more details are visible. Of course the bank needs its roof, so the long term solution will be installing a few lights in the ceiling above the tellers. Long time ago I bought a string of 100 micro LEDs from Bunnings. It is a matter of digging them out from storage, cut a few from the string, calculate the need of resistors and install them above the tellers and in the entrance hall. Perhaps a project for the approaching holidays.

wct 201209-3
The interior of the Bank

From now on the attention will be at the roof. The domes aren’t finished and balustrades will be placed along the edge of the roof.