wct 201209-1
Wombat Creek Bank and Gold Exchange under construction

I began the construction of the Bank during the lock-down here in Melbourne and have been relying on images I can source from the internet. One image showed some dimensions of the room above the entrance, which made it possible to calculate the width of the model. Another image showed an overall drawing enabling me to calculate the proportions of the building. Unfortunately the second drawing isn’t quite true to the building as it stands in real life. To the right of the main entrances the drawing didn’t show the extension of the booking office and the upper parts of ‘City Hatters’. I have begun to rectify this ‘mistake’ as shown.

wct 201219
Extension of the Bank

You may notice a screw in front of the new extension. It is set into an ‘underground’ beam. Unfortunately the entrance to ‘City Hatters’ is in the basement! The beam must be moved. Fortunately all the screws are still accessible. The run of the steps down to the shop entrance can’t be found remotely, so I may visit central Melbourne for the first time in many months. At the same time I can do some photos of the window displays, which I can use for the model. Perhaps I will also purchase a new hat at the same time!