In real life Melbourne the intersection of Swanston Street and Flinders Street features two iconic buildings – Flinders Street Station and Young & Jackson Hotel. The station has already been resurrected in Wombat Creek as ‘Wombat Creek Bank and Gold Exchange’, so time has come to the hotel.

wct 210224
Young & Jackson Hotel

A recent five day lock-down in Victoria gave me time to make a mock-up of the hotel. With photos from the internet and some time with Photoshop I came up with a composite image of the buildings. The first version may have been true to scale but appeared too big compared to the surrounding buildings. The photo shows the second version which sits a bit better with the existing buildings. Due to space limitations the Wombat Creek version of Young & Jackson will not be an exact copy of the original but, hopefully, it will be recognisable. For the time being I have no schedule for the build. I will need to pay a visit to the original to investigate a few details – including the bar!